Global Parental Leave Program: What does it promise working parents?

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Under the new more inclusive parental leave program of Johnson & Johnson, all working parents, including adoptive parents, will enjoy extended time with their newborns.

Back in March 2017, both the Senate and the House of Representatives approved the 120-day paid maternity leave bill, which grants female employees about four months’ paid leave after giving birth. It will also grant fathers a 30-day paid paternity leave and for solo parents, a 150-day parental leave.

Since it has yet to be enacted into law, moms in the Philippines are still currently granted about 60 days maternity leave to recover from childbirth and bond with their newborns. As of this writing, fathers are only entitled to 7 days paid paternity leave.

While we await the passage of this bill, private companies have taken steps towards improving their maternity and paternity leave policies. One such company is Johnson & Johnson, who will be launching their Global Parental Leave program in 2018.

As a company that dedicates itself to caring for babies at every life stage, Johnson & Johnson understands that quality time with newborn children is priceless.

“Under our new more inclusive parental leave program at J&J, all our working parents, including adoptive parents, will enjoy extended time with their newborns. The program also highlights how caring for babies is not just the responsibility of mothers, but of fathers as well,” Jeff Go, President and Managing Director of ONE J&J, tells theAsianparent Philippines.

The Global parental leave program will also grant adoptive parents an 8-week paid parental leave

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“Through the improved parental leave program, we are contributing to a happy and healthy family life for our employees with children,” Go happily reports. “In addition, we are making our work culture one that is friendly for working parents.”

Recognizing that one of the main struggles of parents in the workplace is the need for work-life balance, Johnson & Johnson wants to make achieving this easier through this new policy, and by establishing a day care in their office.

“We believe this should be implemented across the country, in fact, we have noticed that other companies are also improving on their parental leave program,” shares Go.

The long-term benefits of the Global Parental Leave Program

Despite the risks of this program–additional costs, short-term productivity loss–Go believes the benefits will outweigh them, such as higher employee satisfaction and increased long-term productivity levels.

All of J&J’s full-time and part-time active employees are eligible to avail of this program–98 days or 14 weeks will be granted to mothers; 56 days or 8 weeks’ time off will be given to fathers and adoptive parents.

“We acknowledge the fact that the world is changing and there are different kinds of families,” Go explains. “This new plan is more inclusive, and even extends to adoptive parents. We believe that the bond adoptive parents share with their adopted children is just as strong as the bonds parents have with their own biological children.”

The terms in which employees can avail of the parental leaves are as follows:

  • Their children must be born or adopted on or before August 1, 2017, which was when we officially launched the program in J&J Philippines
  • Leaves may be taken all at once or in intervals during the first year of birth or adoption and only while they are employed by Johnson & Johnson, unless otherwise statutorily required.

This new policy helps the company be more mindful of their employees’ and their families’ needs.

“The members of our team should be the first to experience what we advocate for in caring for babies at every life stage,” emphasizes Go, “as we do our part to encourage happier, healthier Filipino families.”

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