Going the extra mile: How to raise a gifted child

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How do you nurture giftedness in the young? Clued-in parents speak on how to raise a gifted child, sustain extraordinariness and make it all worthwhile.

There is no doubt that Pinoy talent is world class. Just look at our young performers and athletes, who have certainly made their mark in the international scene.

As we look forward to the upcoming Woobies Kid Idol Season 3 at the World Bazaar Festival 2015, we can't help but wonder -- will the next global sensation come from this year's competition? Find out on December 12, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

For the moms of our young talents, here are tips on nurturing their gifts from parents who've done so quite well.


Tennis whiz kids Miko and Alex Eala bring pride and honor to their family and their country.

Siblings Miko and Alexandra Eala are tennis champions and world class athletes.  Miko, at 12, is the number one ranked player in the boys’ 14-and-under division in the Philippines and in Asia. Nine-year-old Alex, on the other hand, tops the girls’ 12-and-under division in the Philippines.

Without a doubt, these youngsters are talented and gifted. Giftedness, however, does not guarantee success. Moms and dads play a huge part in developing children's unique abilities and in keeping them productive and fulfilled.

That said, here are some tips on how parents can take an active role in advocating and nurturing their child's giftedness.

Raising a gifted child 101

Mommy Amethyst Araneta and son Sage.

Mommy Amethyst Araneta and son Sage.

1. Expose your children to subjects and interests outside their area of "expertise"

According to Carol Bainbridge, author and an expert on gifted children, while it is important that parents provide opportunities for their child to work on his interests and strengths, it is also important that he be exposed to new things.

She explains that children only know what they're exposed to, so if "they've never been exposed to music, they may not know whether they like it or are good at it."

This is exactly what teacher-mom Amethyst Araneta tries to do for her seven-year-old son Sage. Sage is a gifted pianist and while Amethyst supports Sage's piano skills, she makes sure he is exposed to other instruments as well. She also encourages him to dabble in the arts, which helped him discover how much he enjoys drawing and painting.

2. Remember that you are still the adult

According to non-profit foundation Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), it is important for parents to play the role of guardian and authority figure in the family. Despite your child's giftedness and even extremely superior intellect, your child should not be left to make decisions about their education and activities.

Not only does this undermine your authority and role as a parent, but it also puts undue pressure on your child who, no matter how advanced or high their IQs run, is still child. They need to be able to turn to their parents and family for guidance and protection.

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