80-year-old lola still actively goes to school!

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Lola Sally, an 80-year-old grandmother, is determined to not let her age get in the way of her education, as she wants to finish high school and college!

One amazing 80-year-old grandmother has just proved that age really is just a number!

This grandmother doesn’t let her age stop her

At 80 years old, most people who are Salvacion Nacario’s age are content to simply relax at home and look back on the good old days.

But for this senior citizen, who’s fondly called Lola Sally, her daily routine involves going to Fort Bonifacio High School in Makati, and attending her classes.

Rose, her granddaughter helps take her to school every day. At her advanced age, it’s not easy to move around. She also had a mild stroke back in 2016, which added to her difficulties.

Regardless, she’s still committed to finishing high school and college, and is currently in Grade 11.

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2018/03/lola sally.jpg 80 year old lola still actively goes to school!

Lola Sally wears her school uniform, and goes to school as long as she is able. | Source: Facebook

She only finished 3rd year high school

When Lola Sally was younger, she was unable to finish her studies, only being able to finish 3rd Year High School.

As a result, she was unable to fulfill her dream of becoming a military nurse.

Six decades later, she’s trying to make her dreams come true, even if her children aren’t supportive.

After finishing high school, Lola Sally hopes to still be able to finish college, and finally fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse.

She’s a true inspiration not just to her classmates, but also to everyone else. Life isn’t a race, and there’s no stopping you from making your dreams come true, regardless of your age.

While we may not know what the future holds for Lola Sally, we do hope that she finishes high school, and gets a college degree to makes her dreams come true!


Source: GMA Network

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