10 Great animated films for your kids to grow up with

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We all have memorable movies from our childhood. Here are underrated animated films to raise your kid on

Many of today’s parents were kids of the 90s. They were introduced to heartbreak when Simba lost Mufasa. They know the lyrics to “Part of Your World”. They learned how to be brave like Mulan.

But the past decade has had its fair share of instant classics, too, such as: Finding Nemo, Inside Out, and Wall-E.

Truly, there is no shortage of movies to share with your kids which they can look back on one day as part of the great memories of their childhood.

More than entertaining storylines, these underrated movies speak deep universal truths and present them in unforgettable ways kids can relate to.

1. Ernest and Celestine (2014)

Based on a series of children’s books, this Oscar-nominated animated film is a great way to teach your kids (even those as young as three years old) the concepts of equality and true friendship.

This visually stunning film, in watercolor 2-D animation, is filled with valuable lessons such as breaking from the norms, and protecting those you love and finding your place in the vast, chaotic world.

2. The Croods (2012)

This 3-D animated adventure comedy follows the journey of Eve, a girl with an insatiable fascination with the unknown, and her caveman family who, unlike her, fears the outside world.

After their cave is tragically destroyed, they must journey through the outside world they feared so much with the help of an inventive boy.

It teaches kids the value of knowing one’s own mind, being brave, and the concept of home as wherever your loved ones are.

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