7 Great family bonding activities that won't require you to leave the house!

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You don't have to leave the city, or your house, to make great bonding memories with your loved ones! Get closer without stepping out of your front door with these ideas!

Do you feel like bonding activities with your family have become routine? Or do budget constraints make you just want to stay indoors in order not to spend a lot when you’re at the mall? Why not shake things up and get closer to your loved ones by bonding at home?

Though lounging on the couch having movie marathons is super fun, there are other–more interactive–bonding activities you can do with your family without having to step out of your front door.

1. Board Games

Not only does strategic thinking sharpen the mind, board games also help families “unplug” from technology and reconnect with one another. They’re super fun, too! Have elaborate games nights; wear costumes if you must. Just make it a memorable experience, which you can do weekly! Make it something the whole family looks forward to!

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2. Cleaning

When thinking of family bonding options, cleaning might not be the first that comes to mind. But chores can be a way to bond, just ask author Christine Gross-Loh who credited her Japanese culture for viewing cleaning with her kids as a way to strengthen their relationship.

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3. Baking

Though cooking is just as fun, baking allows kids to work more with their hands. It’s fun and it doesn’t cost a lot! It also teaches them patience (not to mention, reviews their math skills with those measurements and all!) Start out with simple recipes and guide them through steps they find difficult. You can even have cookie design contests! Enjoying what you whipped up together in the kitchen will truly bring you closer!

4. Camping

Pitch a tent together outside your home or in your garden. Putting up a tent and making a fire can be bonding experiences, too. Prepare dinner over a fire and eat outdoors. Make it feel as if you’re out of town even if you’re just in your own backyard.

5. Build a blanket and pillow fort

If you don’t have a garden or backyard, use blankets and pillows to build your own pillow fort! You can add twinkly lights for a more cozy feel. Huddle under a giant blanket and read a book out loud together.

6. DIY photo shoot

Coming up with your own family pictorial from the concepts, costumes, and backdrops is a great way to get closer to one another. Are you fans of Trolls? You can use kid-friendly hair dye and hairspray to achieve this effect. You can make costumes out of old pillowcases!

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7. Exercising

Exercising shouldn’t be a solitary activity. Teach your kids to value healthy living by doing dance parties or Zumba classes at home. You can also use games like Wii’s Just Dance to guide your choreography! Get closer as you burn calories!

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