Cooking with kids: Fun & easy Halloween burger

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Get creative with the kids in the kitchen with this easy Halloween party food favorite!

Get the kids in the kitchen AND in the festive spirit of Halloween with this Halloween party food creation by Chef Ernest Gala

Halloween party food: Halloween burgers!

1. Prep: your basic burger ingredients

Halloween party food

Patty: ground round beef, spring onions, Japanese breadcrumbs, raw eggs, salt & pepper

+ hamburger bun, lettuce, cheese slices, and other decorative ingredients like black olives and spaghetti sauce

2. Mix patty ingredients (except the meat)

Halloween party food

Here's where the kids can help! Put the ingredients into the bowl and they'll have a blast mixing 'em all up.

3. Add the beef

Halloween party food

Better for mom or dad to handle the meat, but it's okay if the kids do it too -- remember to wash everyone's hands with soap & water before and after cooking. To be extra safe, let the kids wear plastic gloves --- they'll come in handy for the next part too!

4. Roll the patties into balls

Halloween party food

Put on your best scary voice and growl, "GIAAANNTT MEEAATTBALLLSSS"

5. Flatten the patties out and cook them!

Chef Ernest Gala recommends using the Samsung Smart Oven set on Microwave + Grill for this recipe. Cook for 4 minutes on each side.

6. Et voila! Time to get creative :)

Halloween party food

Cut out some fun faces on the cheese to top the burgers with. Pop back into the oven on Grill function for 30 seconds so the cheese slices get gooey and the "faces" melt.

Happy yummy Halloween!

Halloween party food

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