15 Daily habits of super happy moms!

Are you a mom who lives each day with happiness and positivity? Then you can surely relate to these habits!

Motherhood isn't easy, that's why you need extra amounts of patience and positivity to make it through each day. If you count these simple habits as part of your daily routine, then you're a truly happy mom who's prepared to face any challenge with a smile!

1. Happy moms are not ashamed to ask for help

Moms who are truly happy are not too prideful to admit they can't do it all.

2. They get out of the house

They know the importance of having interests and outlets outside of the home or their workplace.

3. They strive to be content

Though it's good to dream and be ambitious, happy moms do their best to achieve a state of contentment with what they have and where they are in life. Or at the very least, they make an effort to become more so.

4. They show love to their partner

For those moms who have husbands or partners, staying happy involves making their better half a priority just as much as they value making time for their kids.

5. They exercise

Exercising releases endorphins! Happy moms truly have no shortage of these "happy hormones." Exercising also keeps happy moms healthy and energetic, helping them face each day with enthusiasm.

6. They make time for friends

Happy moms know having a supportive "village" to raise their kids is important. They realize the importance of being able to have conversation and consistent contact with those who knew them before they became a mom.

7. They care for themselves

Happy moms know that the best way to care for others is not to take self-care for granted! They eat right, take their vitamins, and (try) to get as much sleep as they can.


8. They commit to having some me-time

In line with self-care, having time for themselves is something happy moms include in their list of priorities. It allows them to have a breather, keeping them from becoming too overwhelmed to be the best mom they can be.

9. They're not always distracted by their phone

Happy moms aren't constantly checking their phones, not noticing how their kids need their attention. They've disciplined themselves to limit cellphone use, to be fully present for their kids.

10. They don't let a day pass without laughter

Happy moms have a sense of humor; they don't take life (or themselves) too seriously. They have an infectious optimism that inspires their kids and those around them to face each day with joy.

11. They don't hold grudges

Happy moms are mature enough to forgive and forget. They don't constantly dredge up past conflicts during every argument. They move on from the pain of the past, constantly striving to be more positive each day.

12. They like hugging!

If you're a happy mom, then you know the importance of showing affection to those you love. You're always prepared to envelop your kids and loved ones in a much needed warm embrace.

13. They speak positive words to everyone

Words speak just as loud as actions, in many cases. Happy moms don't underestimate the power of positive, kind words in building others up and creating a harmonious atmosphere that promotes love, openness, and compassion.

14. They're always willing to give back

Happy moms are able to look beyond themselves and their situation and help their community or relatives in need. They can give financial assistance, but most importantly, they sincerely share their time and effort with those who need it.

15. They are grateful for the little things

Happy moms may be well-off or struggling financially, but the important thing is that they know the value of being grateful for even the simple things in life. Being blessed is often a matter of perspective!

Are you a truly happy mom? Let us know what daily habits you would add to this list!

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