Yaya President: If the Philippine Presidential candidates were yaya applicants...

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May the best Yaya President win!

Even though election day is fast approaching, many are still undecided about which presidential candidate to choose. One mom tried to simplify her decision-making by asking herself which of them she would choose to take care of her child.

In a Facebook post entitled "The Yaya (Nanny) President," mommy Chal turned the presidential candidates into potential nannies for a child.

Miriam - smart Yaya but I can't hire her because of health problems

Binay - I don't want a sinungaling & magnanakaw (liar & thief) Yaya

Duterte - Yung tipong you're so desperate for a Yaya na, and you're so tempted... I mean funny, occasionally makes sense, and entertaining si Yaya but my God...namamalo at nagpapaluhod sa asin ng alaga dahil Lang makulit. Effective Sa previous employer. Yun Nga Lang, loves to curse in front of the kids and screws around with kung sino-sinong driver. Magulo kausap. Minsan gusto mag apply, tapos mag ba-back out. Tapos apply ulit. In 3-6 months babait daw yung alaga, pag Hindi niya magawa yon, quit daw siya Sa pagiging Yaya at i-eendorse yung magnanakaw na Yaya Sa kapit-bahay na mamasukan sayo.

(It's like you're so desperate for a nanny already, and you're so tempted... I mean this nanny is funny, occasionally makes sense, and is entertaining but my God...spanks and lets the child kneel on salt because of being makulit (closest translation: importunate). Effective with previous employer. But loves to curse in front of the kids and screws around with random drivers. Difficult to talk to. Sometimes wants to apply and then will back out, and then apply again. Claims that the child will be better-behaved in 3-6 months, but if she is not able to do it, will quit and endorse a neighbor's stealing nanny to work for you.)

Poe - Dating anak ng favorite driver mo. Nung namatay, nag apply yung anak at pinagbigyan mo. Tinuruan mo kahit super no experience sa pagiging Yaya...tapos malalaman mo na nag-apply abroad pala. Dalawa kayong pinagsasabay na amo niya.

(Child of your former favorite driver. When favorite driver died, the child applied and you gave her a chance. You taught her even though she really has no experience as a nanny... then you will just find out that she applied for a job abroad. She is working for you and the other employer at the same time.)

Mar - Galing sa expensive agency. Ok naman pero hindi talaga charming si Yaya. Nagegets niya yung trabaho pero ang raming booboos. Gusto mo sana siya, pero ang feeling mo ayaw ni Yaya Sayo. Tapos hassle pa kasi you need to keep her para hindi malito mga anak mo at para hindi umalis at makapagluto ng masarap yung magaling mong bagong cook.

(From an expensive agency. Nanny is okay but not charming at all. Gets the job but there are a lot of booboos. You like her, but feel that she doesn't like you. And it's a hassle because you need to keep her just so your child won't get confused and so that your new cook who cooks delicious food won't leave.)

Sinong Yaya mo?

(Who is your nanny?)

It has since been shared and liked hundreds of times because many parents can relate - choosing a yaya to take care of one's child really is so difficult.

The post brings the experience of choosing a president to a more personal level without telling you whom to choose. Different parents would have different styles so some parents would prefer one yaya over another. One commenter jokingly suggested, "Time to call Lolo and Lola."

In a private message, Chal readily acknowledged that a President and yaya would have different qualifications. But, at the end of the day, all of us are just looking for someone we can trust to do the job well.

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Here is her message to all Filipino parents, "Vote wisely (like how critical you would be with hiring a Yaya for your child). Who would you want to get stuck with for 6 years? Who do you believe will help our country truly grow? May the best Yaya (for our country) win!"

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