“I hate being dependent on my husband for money”

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Do you ever feel awkward asking money from your husband? You're not alone

Transitioning from having a full-time job to being a stay-at-home mother is difficult. Though you don’t have to deal with the stresses that come with a regular 9-5 job, you have a different set of responsibilities and expectations. And when it comes to finances, less independence.

One ParentTown user asked the community about this lack of financial independence.

stay-at-home mom money

All of the mothers in the ParentTown community sympathized with Mikaela.

Some mothers, like Yuna L., still don’t ask their husbands for money, even when they need to. “Being so used to earning my own income and having a lot of spending power, I do feel sad about the state of my finances, but never enough to ask from my partner,” she says. “Since he is paying for all the big bills for now, even if I have difficulties with my own expenses, I will not and have not asked him—I find a way out (usually through freelance work or part time work). Not because he won't help or anything like that, more because of my ego and pride.”

stay-at-home mom money

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Taking a part-time job

Most of them talked about having a part-time job or online business so that they can buy things for themselves or supplement the family income. “You should take up some work-from-home options or some online business and it will boost your confidence and keep you happy,” Shruti B. advised.

Some moms do freelance work or keep a business on the side, but still find that they have to ask their husbands for money. “I have to stopped working to take care of my baby, I have an online store and online job,” wrote Jonalyn M. “But income is not on a regular basis like when I used to work in the office, plus it's not that much, just enough for groceries.”

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