“My husband and I haven’t had sex in six months. What should I do?”

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All couples will experience dry spells. But how long is too long? How can you reignite the intimacy in your marriage?

It’s normal for couples to stop being intimate. What with work and kids and other pursuits, all of your energy seems to be channeled elsewhere.

Showing physical affection can slide down your list of priorities and before you know it, months have passed without you and your partner making love.

Such is the case for one ParentTown user, who expressed her concern about the lack of physical intimacy in her marriage.

It’s been six months since she and her husband have made love. She wonders: is that normal?

There are a lot reasons why a couple stops being intimate. In this case, however, the couple seems to have had a hard time getting the spark back after having a baby, which many couples can relate to.

After birth, a woman’s libido tends to plummet. Add to that the tendency to stop seeing their partner as desirable.

The more time passes, the harder it becomes to revive your sex life.

Tammy Nelson, a certified sex therapist and the author of Getting the Sex You Want told the Huffington Post: “Biologically, the body stops producing the sex hormones that make you aroused, especially if you have gone long periods without it,” she explained. “And then you may start to feel like you aren’t interested in it anyway.”

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