10 Healthiest Pinoy dishes to serve your family, according to the DOH

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The DOH has revealed the top everyday dishes that provide the greatest health benefits. Find out what they are, here!

There's nothing quite like gathering around the dinner table to share a family favorite dish, but what can make it even more special is the assurance that your favorite dishes offer the best health benefits for the ones you love.

The DOH recently released their ranking of the 10 healthiest dishes, check out if your favorite made the cut!


Best made with bagoong isda, pork, eggplant, kalabasa, and ampalaya, this classic dish is high in vitamin A and fiber. It's a great way to enjoy different kinds of vegetables in one delicious ulam.

photo: Wikimedia

photo: Wikimedia

Sinigang na Isda

Quite possibly the most beloved soup dish in Filipino cuisine is the Sinigang. Its fish variation---which is great for salmon, maya-maya or bangus--made the DOH's list of healthiest dishes. Fish is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids; kangkong is packed with vitamins A and C.

photo: Flickr

photo: Flickr

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