10 Healthy but yummy road trip snacks

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Hitting the road soon? Make sure to pack these snacks so you can truly savor the journey!

Let’s face it: aside from singing along to great music, the best thing about road trips is having delicious snacks to munch on.

Nothing dampens the fun quite like food we don’t enjoy! But, food that’s good for us isn’t usually tasty. So, you have to know which snacks to pack to have fun (while staying healthy) on the road!



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They’re tasty and filling and they don’t make (that much of) a mess! Try this great Apple Banana Muffin recipe.



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Squeezable and drinkable forms of tasty yogurt are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Fresh Fruit


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A good idea would be to buy whatever’s in season as long as they’re easy to peel and eat!

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