Helping a Child with Cancer

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Know a child struggling with cancer? Helping a child with cancer with arts and crafts, games and more are some ways you can brighten up their day!

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Helping kids with cancer

Helping a child with cancer

A child who has cancer must deal with not just physical issues, but a whirlwind of emotions such as fear, pain, and sometimes even anger. If you know a child who has cancer, you can help the child by:

1)Showering him with extra love.You can do so by sending him letters, photos, cards, flowers, CD’s, gifts or even emails. Basically, anything that will make him smile.

2)Helping the child keep up with schoolwork so that he can cope better when he returns to class. Many children with cancer miss school. To keep him in the loop, do update him of the latest news and happenings school.

3)Explaining to him what is going on in his body, and listening to him, his fears and his concerns.

4)Visiting. It is good to call the parents first to ask when a good time to visit is. However, don’t be disappointed if the child feels tired or is moody during your visit.

5)Enlist people to send cards and silly, fun things to the child. A little fun and excitement go a long way toward alleviating pain and fear.

6)Being a pillar of support. Don’t break down or get angry infront of the child or his family. They are already going through enough, they need you to be strong.

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