High school teachers arrested in buy-bust operation in Cagayan de Oro City

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Police in Cagayan de Oro have arrested 2 public school teachers who were reportedly drug pushers.

Alex dela Vega, 39, and Velijun Perez, 36, who were both teachers at Macanhan National High School and Canitoan National High School, were arrested in a buy-bust operation in Cagayan de Oro City.

They received reports that the high school teachers were selling drugs

According to police, they recovered nine sachets of shabu from the men that were worth around 50,000 pesos.

Police Senior Inspector Dennis Ebsolo, chief of Lumbia Police Station said that they received reports from other teachers that the pair were selling illegal drugs.

The pair is considered high-value targets by the police and are currently under the custody of Lumbia Police Station. They will be facing charges for selling and possessing illegal narcotics.

Authorities say that they will also look into the suppliers as well as the source of illegal drugs.

The department of education in Cagayan de Oro will be calling a meeting with all school principals after the arrest.

Keeping your children safe in school

As parents, hearing about news such as the story above can really be scary. That's why it's important to know what parents can do to keep their children safe. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Safety in school goes beyond your children's physical security. It's also important to know if your child has problems in school, especially if they're being bullied.
  • Teach your kids to trust their gut when it comes to people. If someone makes your child feel uncomfortable in school, teach them to stay away from that person. It's important for them to trust their gut in these cases since
  • Encourage your kids not to talk to strangers, especially if they walk or commute to school. These days, it's really hard to know who we can trust. That's why we should teach our kids to be extra careful of the people around them and to avoid people who talk to them on their commute.
  • Your kids should know their full address as well as important phone numbers. Important information such as your full address as well as phone numbers are very important since it's information that could prove useful should there be an emergency.
  • Get to know the people in your child's school. Take the time to get to know the kids in your child's school. It's important to get to know these people better since they will be the ones whom your child will get to interact with on a daily basis.

Source: gmanetwork.com, sunstar.com.phncpc.org

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