Keep your child's mind active during the holidays with these activities!

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These holiday activities are sure to keep your kids' brains active even during their holiday break! Read on to find out more.

Holiday activities don't always mean that your kids should be focused on pure fun alone. Holiday activities can also be used to encourage your kids' brains to stay active and to keep them in tip-top shape even during their break!

Here are a few holiday activities that would help keep your child's mind active during the school break!

1. Play educational games!

Educational games don't always have to be boring or 'too educational'. There are lots of board games or even computer games that help encourage creative thinking in your kids without coming off as something that's forcing kids to learn.

That way, they can still enjoy their time off from school, while still ensuring that their minds are in tip-top shape!

2. Encourage them to read more

Let your child pick out a book from the bookstore, and ask them to read it over the holidays. It's a good way to encourage your kids to read and helps keep their imagination active. And reading is always a good habit to pick up!

3. Less screen time = more time for other activities

A lot of kids are excited about their vacation for one reason, and that's because they get to spend more time online or on the computer. While it's okay for moms and dads to let their kids spend a little extra screen time, it's not a good idea to let them waste their entire vacation online.

Try and encourage your kids to go out and play, maybe you can even join them by going to the park or engaging in other activities. Exercise is a good way to keep not just the body healthy, but also the mind.

4. Teach them how to cook or bake

Cooking and baking are not just fun activities, but they're also very useful skills for your kids to have. Take the time to teach your little ones basic cooking or baking skills, and also use it as a time to bond and get closer to your kids.

It helps foster independence, patience, as well as teaches your children to follow instructions.

5. Ask them to take up a new hobby

Hobbies are always a great way for kids to keep themselves busy, especially during school breaks. Encourage them to try out a new sport, or start a small collection of objects that they're interested in. You can even join your little one in their new hobby and make it into a family activity!

6. Let them do the chores at home

Finally, since your kids are at home during the holidays, it's the best opportunity to teach them how to do some basic chores at home so that they can help you out!

It helps build discipline and teaches them a sense of ownership and responsibility. It's also a good way of keeping kids active and making sure that they don't grow up dependent on you when it comes to doing basic household chores.


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