Pair of homemade bombs discovered in Mindanao State University

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A raid conducted by the AFP and PNP on a Mindanao State University compound yielded 2 improvised explosive devices that were hidden inside a building.

A pair of homemade bombs were recovered by authorities in a compound inside Mindanao State University in Marawi.

The said the bombs were planted by the government

According to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the PNP, who joined forces during the raid, they believe that the compound was being used as a safe house by the Maute terror group, which has been linked to ISIS.

A total of eleven people were taken in for questioning after the raid, some were students who were renting rooms inside the building. All of them denied having links to the bombs that were found as well as any terrorist groups. They add that they believe the bombs were planted by the government.

The CIDG will be conducting background checks on the people who were in the compound at the time to check if any arrest warrants were issued against them.

Currently, MSU has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident.

How can we explain issues such as terrorism to our kids?

For kids, and even for adults sometimes, terrorism is a concept that's pretty difficult to explain. Terrorism is also a very sensitive topic that most parents just avoid.

However, with all the information that kids can see on social media and the internet, it's inevitable that they will be asking questions about topics such as war, and terrorism. Here are some tips on how you can explain it to your kids:

  • Let your kids ask questions. When discussing sensitive topics, it's better if you let your kids ask the questions so that you can tell them the things that they need to know, or are curious about.
  • Be honest. It's important to be honest when discussing large-scale global issues such as terrorism since they might find contradicting information on the internet that can confuse them. Be honest and clear when answering their questions.
  • Use words and concepts that they can easily understand. Avoid using big words when explaining concepts to your kids. You can even try and use analogies that they can relate to so that they can understand things better.
  • Share how you feel about it. Tell them how you feel, and what's on your mind. It will help them better comprehend the gravity of the situation and how it can impact a lot of people.
  • Never stereotype people by their country or by their religion. Stereotyping can lead to hasty judgments and misinformed opinions. Let your child understand that just because terrorists live in a certain country, or have a certain belief system, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone under that religion or of that nationality is a terrorist.


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