9 family-friendly destinations in Hong Kong that your kids will absolutely love

9 family-friendly destinations in Hong Kong that your kids will absolutely love

For families looking to travel abroad, Hong Kong is a great destination. And through our Hong Kong travel guide, planning the trip should be a breeze!

For a lot of families here in the Philippines, traveling abroad is a dream come true. After all, experiencing a different country and different cultures is such an amazing feeling, especially for kids. In fact, a lot of experts agree that traveling enriches a child’s experiences, and makes the family even closer.

And when it comes to travel destinations, Hong Kong constantly ranks among the top of the list. It’s a great destination especially for first-time international travelers since it’s pretty close to the country. Getting around is also no problem, since their train system is pretty advanced, and you can get to most anywhere simply by taking the MTR.

There are also a lot of family-destinations that you and your kids will absolutely love. So if you’re planning on going abroad soon, make sure to check out our Hong Kong travel guide to make your trip stress-free!

Before we begin, here are a few travel tips to make your stay in Hong Kong much easier:

  • Buy a tourist SIM with data so that you can easily use it to check maps as well as search for some useful information. Tourist SIMs are pretty helpful, and can be purchased right at the airport. We recommend the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card.
  • Download the My Hong Kong Guide app for useful tips on getting around as well as places to visit.
  • Grab an Octopus card for HK$39 to make taking the train more convenient. You can also use it in almost all forms of public transportation, as well as in most stores. It can be reloaded at the train stations, as well as in most convenience stores.
  • Make sure to bring comfortable shoes for you and your kids. While Hong Kong transportation is very convenient, you’ll still be walking a lot around the city to take in the sights, and get from one point to another. Traffic can sometimes be very bad in Hong Kong, especially during rush hour, so walking to nearby places is a good alternative.

Hong Kong travel guide: The best places to visit

Hong Kong is an amazing city, and there are always new places to discover, as well as fun things that you and your family can do. However, to make things much easier, we compiled a list of the best places for families to visit in this Hong Kong travel guide. These locations should give you a different view of Hong Kong, and provide your kids with amazing experiences that they’ll take with them forever.

1. Book a stay at Ocean Park Marriott

Hong Kong travel guide

Marriott Ocean Park is located near the MTR, so travel is a breeze, and has world class accommodations.

For those looking for a convenient and stylish hotel to stay at, then there’s no doubt that Marriott Ocean Park ranks among the best hotels to book in Hong Kong. It’s conveniently located near the MTR station, and right beside Ocean Park. So you won’t need to travel far to enjoy the amazing theme park.

It only opened last year, so it’s one of the most modern hotels in Hong Kong. It features 471 guestrooms and suites, as well as accommodations that are perfect families. They also have various themed rooms that your kids will absolutely love!

Hong Kong travel guide

Their panda themed room is definitely our favorite!

They also have a playroom for kids, a pool area with slides and other fun activities for your little ones, as well as an amazing buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those looking for the best hotel to stay in Hong Kong, we can definitely say that Ocean Park Marriott fits the bill, and will make for an absolutely enjoyable stay.

2. Visit the pandas and dolphins at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong travel guide

A visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong is a must for anyone traveling to the country.

While you’re staying at the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, why not take a trip to Ocean Park Hong Kong while you’re at it? It opened way back in 1977, but it has since been renovated and modernized, and ranks as one of the top theme parks around.

It features amazing attractions such as the Giant Panda Adventure, Gator Marsh, Flying Swing, Old Hong Kong, as well as many more attractions and rides.

At the Ocean Park Hong Kong, your kids will be able to observe numerous animals such as pandas, dolphins, various fishes, gators and crocodiles, and even a giant salamander!

Hong Kong travel guide

The Giant Panda Adventure is sure to make your kids super excited!

One of the more amazing attractions it has is that they have their own train that lets you go up the mountain to see more of the park’s attractions. And when you’re ready to go down, you can either take the train back, or ride the cable car down for an amazing view of the surrounding area. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and your kids will love every minute of it.

Hong Kong travel guide

The cable car ride can be a bit scary, but it’s perfectly safe, and gives you a breathtaking view.

3. Enjoy the arts and culture at The Mills

Hong Kong travel guide

The Mills is a great place to experience local culture and the arts in Hong Kong.

Next on our Hong Kong travel guide is The Mills. For those looking to enjoy some local culture and arts, then a trip to The Mills is definitely in order. It’s located at 45 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, and is a hub for local artists, businesses, and retail stores.

Hong Kong travel guide

The Mills is a repurposed and revlitalized textile mill, and it’s an amazing place to visit, especially for families.

The location of The Mills is very historic, since it used to be an actual textile mill back when Hong Kong manufactured textiles. The building itself has been restored, and houses various retail stores that sell unique products. There’s even a Hong Kong Opera school where kids can learn traditional Chinese Opera. The architecture is amazing, and shows just how old buildings can be repurposed and revitalized into something new.

Hong Kong travel guide

For those interested in one-of-a-kind pieces, shopping at The Mills is a great idea.

4. Shop to your heart’s content at D·Park

9 family-friendly destinations in Hong Kong that your kids will absolutely love

Kids will absolutely enjoy playing at the large play area at D·Park

Next on our Hong Kong travel guide is D·Park, formerly known as Discovery Park. It’s specifically designed for families and children, and has amazing attractions that your kids will enjoy. It houses a pretty large play area where kids and even adults can play in for free. Most of the stores also cater for kids, so if you’re planning on shopping in Hong Kong, a trip to D·Park might just be what you need.

Hong Kong travel guide

The sprawling play area is great fun for kids and adults alike!

You can access the mall directly by taking the train to MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit A3. From there, it’s only a short walk before you get to D·Park.

They also have a more dedicated play area called Donut Village which we’ll be talking about next.

5. Have an amazing time at Donut Village

Donut Village Hong Kong

Donut Village is a great place for your kids to play in, while you shop outside!

Donut Village is located right inside D·Park, and it’s based off a character called Donut. There’s a sprawling play area called Donut Adventure where kids can enjoy various attractions such as a slide, places to climb, and even interactive games! They’re also planning to open up a place called Donut Kitchen where parents can cook together with their kids. Moms and dads can shop outside and buy various products and even toys for their kids.

They also have the Donut Cafe, which serves up healthy foods complete with nutritional information. That way, even if you’re on vacation, you can be sure that your child’s nutrition is taken care of.

6. Enjoy the view at Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong travel guide

Families going to Hong Kong should definitely check out the Avenue of Stars.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is an iconic place that offers a great view of the buildings around Hong Kong. Aside from Bruce Lee’s statue, the path along the Avenue shows the various handprints of Hong Kong Superstars, both past and present. If you’re a fan of Hong Kong movies, or if you simply want to enjoy the amazing waterfront view, then be sure to visit the Avenue of Stars!

7. Ride the Observation Wheel and enjoy the sunset

Hong Kong travel guide

The Observation Wheel offers one of the most amazing views of Hong Kong, from 60 meters up!

Next up on our Hong Kong travel guide is the Observation Wheel. It’s located at Central Harbourfront, Central, Hong Kong, and it’s relatively close to the Avenue of Stars.

It offers an amazing view of Victoria Harbour, and the view from the Observation Wheel during sunset is absolutely amazing. The surrounding areas also have concessionaires so you can buy snacks for your kids while enjoying the view. It’s definitely a must-ride attraction if you want to get the best view of Hong Kong.

8. Watch the Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lights - Hong Kong

The Symphony of Lights is an absolute must-see for families traveling to Hong Kong.

While you’re at the Observation Wheel, you might as well wait until 8pm to get a good view of the Symphony of Lights. It’s an iconic light show featuring the various buildings of the cityscape, and any visit to Hong Kong won’t be complete if you can’t see the Symphony of Lights.

It’s also the largest permanent light and sound show according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and a lot of people go specifically to the harbour just to have a glimpse of the amazing light show. It happens every night, and it’s best to go on a clear day, as the fog might make the light show difficult to see.

9. Teach your kids about conservation at Noah’s Ark


Noah's Ark

Last on our Hong Kong travel guide is Noah’s Ark. Located at Ma Wan island, it’s a bit hard to travel to, but the trip is definitely worth it!

Ma Wan island, also called Park Island, is a small island located near the main Hong Kong island. To get there, you either need to take a bus, or take a taxi directly. That’s because private cars aren’t allowed on the island, unless it’s owned by a resident. Thankfully, if you book a trip to Noah’s Ark, you can avail of a roundtrip bus service from Mong Kok, which makes it very convenient.

Noah’s Ark is a theme park that’s based on the biblical story of Noah. There’s an actual ark inside the park, and it houses most of the exhibits.

Inside, your kids can enjoy learning about animals, conservation, and even a bit about the biblical story of Noah and the flood. One of the most important lessons that Noah’s Ark would like to teach families is about taking care of our animals and the environment, and they do an amazing job at it.

Your kids will absolutely enjoy looking at the animal exhibits, as well as learning more about how to take care of their furry friends.

Hong Kong travel guide

Your kids will love the exhibits in Noah’s Ark.

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