This amazing video shows how babies receives nutrients from you, mom-to-be!

This amazing process shows how nutrients are channeled from the mom to the baby in the womb!

Moms-to-be, have you ever wondered how does baby get nutrition during pregnancy, and what exactly they consume? You may already know that the placenta plays an important role in this matter. Yet, how is food transferred from the mom to the baby?

Your little one gets nutrients through oxygen and water, which are channeled through your bloodstream. Similarly, the products of digestion such as Co2 (carbon dioxide), are also excreted through the mother’s bloodstream.

Your blood flows through the capillary blood vessels inside the placenta. Molecules such as glucose, protein, fat, oxygen, and others which are present in the mother’s blood will reach the baby in this way.

Baby’s nutrients are channeled via the maternal blood supply. The nutrients in your blood will be absorbed by the network of blood vessels which channels the baby’s blood supply. This nutrient-rich blood supply will then be directed to the baby via the umbilical cord.

how does baby get nutrition during pregnancy

The baby’s nutrients are channeled from the mother’s bloodstream to the baby’s. Then, it flows through the umbilical cord, eventually providing nutrients to your baby. | Source: Stock photos

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So whatever you eat, including protein molecules, glucose, fat, vitamins and other various nutrients, will be absorbed into your bloodstream from the small intestine. This nutrient-rich blood will then flow into the placenta.

Next, it will flow into the baby’s body through the umbilical cord. This is the amazing way in which the baby obtains nutrients!

How Does Baby Get Nutrition During Pregnancy: The Video

The following video shows the amazing process of how nutrients are channeled through the mother’s bloodstream:

Now that you understand this process better, do be more careful in maintaining your food intake, moms. Do ensure that you only eat food that is beneficial to your little one.

We at theAsianparent hope that this video that answers the question “How does baby get nutrition during pregnancy?” has been informative. Moms, we hope that this will also help you plan your diet during pregnancy for your baby. 

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Eating right during your pregnancy

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