How to compute and claim your SSS maternity benefits

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Are you an SSS member with a bun in the oven? Then read on to know about the SSS maternity benefits you can avail of and how you can claim them.

 SSS maternity benefits

The day you find out you are expecting your own child may well be one of the most exciting, yet scariest moments you will ever encounter. More than the adorable, bouncing baby you and your family are sure to enjoy come a multitude of responsibilities, starting from pregnancy alone.

Good thing that there is some form of assistance that can be enjoyed by expectant mothers, such as the government-mandated SSS maternity benefits. If you are a first time mother who is fumbling her way through this nine-month gestative voyage, it is important to know what sort of SSS maternity benefits and help from the government you can derive while preparing for the birth of your little one.

What exactly are SSS maternity benefits?

For one, this is the maternity leave that is granted to employed mothers, depending on what type of birth delivery was done. For a normal delivery birth, SSS maternity benefits allow for 60 calendar days of leave, while delivery through cesarean section stretches the maternity leave to 78 calendar days.

Another one of the SSS maternity benefits “is a daily cash allowance granted to a female member who is unable to work, due to childbirth or miscarriage,” as defined by the Philippine Social Security System.

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