How to cook rice and cut down its calories by 60 per cent

How to cook rice and cut down its calories by 60 per cent

To keep their energy levels up, you serve your husband and kids rice. Read this to know how to cook rice and cut down its calories by 60 per cent.


Make rice healthier for your family by doing this simple trick.


Like the rest of Southeast Asia, rice is a staple in the Filipino household –  be it breakfast, merienda, lunch or dinner, a meal is not complete without a cup of rice or two.

Even with Filipinos clamoring for a healthier lifestyle and swearing off carbohydrates, rice somehow finds its way back to one’s diet.

Luckily for moms, researchers have finally found a healthier way to prepare rice that would be beneficial for your husband and children’s health.

This method of preparation reportedly can reduce “calories by as much as 60 percent and even offer a few other added health benefits.”

According to, “Scientists in Sri Lanka have discovered that cooking rice with a teaspoon of coconut oil then refrigerating it for 12 hours more than halves the number of calories absorbed by the body. The change remains even if it is reheated.”

The science behind cutting down the calories

The report goes on to say that a cup of rice typically contains 240 calories, the trick to bringing down the calorie content is to tweak how the body digests it.

“Usually the starchy carbohydrates in rice are broken down in the small intestine where they become glucose and are eventually stored as fat. However, cooking rice with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and then chilling for 12 hours appears to make half of the carbohydrate indigestible so it passes through the body without becoming fat.”

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