How to Improve your child's IQ

How to Improve your child's IQ

Play chess, mind games, eat a proper diet and more! Here are tips for Filipino parents to help their child boost their IQ!

enhancing your child's IQ

Here is how to enhance your child’s IQ

Most parents I know want their children to become intelligent, talented and smart. Since they believe that a person’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can predict one’s success or failure in academic and career life. It is indeed a parent’s pride and joy to see that his or her child is intelligent. Thus, parents do everything and anything just to ensure that their children will have high IQs by providing books and other reading materials, sending them to the best schools, and many more.

But how can a parent effectively facilitate the improvement of his or her child’s IQ? This is a question I would like to answer with the following recommendations.

Read bedtime stories to your child. By reading stories to your child even at a very young age, your child will learn language, facial expressions and voice signals that he or she will later imitate. This will make her love reading and lead her to learn the language quickly, to use facial expressions and understand voice signals early in his or her life.

Introduce music and rhythm as early as possible. It has been known that music can increase a person’s mental ability because it can stimulate the brain’s nerve endings. Thus, it is recommended that even while pregnant, a mother should listen to classical music to stimulate the brain of her an unborn child. Likewise, children who are exposed to music and rhythm most likely have the inclination for such as they grow up.

Intro your child to sports, games or other physical activities. Physical activities such as sports or outdoor games can bring oxygen to flow through the body with the spurt of fresh blood that these activities cause. It can lead to sound thinking, fresh creativity, enhanced concentration and brain power boosting.

Play with your children chess or engage them in mental workouts. Chess is known to stimulate the brain’s ability to concentrate, analyze problems, and work out solutions. So playing chess with your child once in a while can boost his or her brain power. Aside from these, mental workouts such as tests, puzzle or word games will stimulate the brain to exercise its different functions. If the brain is kept active, then its ability to process information will increase. Consequently, this will lead to a higher IQ.

Provide nutritious and brain-boosting food to your child. According to research, our brains function effectively with the use of Eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA, an essential fatty acid found in fish oil and other food. Without this essential fatty acid, the brain will slow down and may not be able to function properly. A proper diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables will also help in the proper functioning of the brain.

Enable your child to get enough rest and sleep. Having a good night’s sleep can improve brain functions to keep your child mentally alert. While the child is asleep, your mind is restoring whatever is not functioning well within its system.

Expose your child to different activities. As your child experiences many things through varied activities, he or she will gain knowledge which will increase his or her IQ. In all of these, the key to improving your kid’s IQ is to create an environment that will quicken your child’s brain potentials.

Give your child opportunities to socialize with other children. Allow your child to play and mingle with kids of his or her age in the neighborhood or in school. It is through these interactions with others that she can develop her interpersonal intelligence. When they mingle with others, they learn how to adjust to others.

In all of these, the key to improving your kid’s IQ is to create an environment that will quicken your child’s brain potentials.

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