How to say sorry to your spouse and really mean it

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Marital arguments cannot be avoided, but you can lessen the damage it can cause your by saying sorry. But how do you say sorry and mean it?

Celeste Davis takes parties and gatherings very seriously, going out of her way to plan things in advance and making sure everything is in order for the big day.

On one occasion, however, she wasn’t able to prepare for a dinner party she’s throwing. It was to start at 6PM, and she had enlisted her husband Rich’s help.

However, at 5:55PM, her husband still wasn’t home.

“I was rearing and ready with my list of complaints that made it perfectly clear who was in the wrong and who was in the right in this situation and I was ready to spout them off Mount St. Helens style,” she says in her Family Share story.

At 6PM that night, as if on cue, her husband arrived, dropped his backpack, and immediately approached her.

He put his hand on her shoulder, looked her in the eye and said: “I’m SO sorry I’m late! I got caught up in my experiment and my co-worker needed help right as I was going to leave, but I still should have finished earlier. I’m so sorry.”

He hugged her then and said: “What can I do?”

Celesete felt all the fight drain from her.

“It was a darn good apology,” she says. “So good that it cleared up my anger and a fight before one even happened. That is the power of a good apology.”

It made her wonder what makes for a good apology, and she summed it up into four points.

Find out the 4 key points in saying sorry to your spouse and meaning it

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