How to stop a picky eater from saying no to the food you’re serving

How to stop a picky eater from saying no to the food you’re serving

Forcing your child to eat food that they don't like will just make things worse! If all else fails, we're sure that this tip would work wonders!

Let's face it, almost all kids are picky eaters. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get your child to eat the food that you're giving them. What's a mom to do?

Forcing your kids to eat food sends the wrong message

According to a recent study conducted on college students, over 69% of them say that they were forced to eat a certain type of food that they disliked when they were young. Surprisingly, because of the fact that they were forced to eat the food, 72% of those respondents said that they would not willingly eat the food that they were forced to eat.

What this means is that forcing your kids to eat the food they don't like is not the way to go about things.

Forcing them to eat food can also make them feel stressed, and they might relate the food to a negative experience, making things even worse when they grow up.

So what can we do?

The important thing when it comes to feeding your child a new type of food, or a type of food that they don't particularly like, would be to make it something familiar.

What you can do would be to give them a type of food that they're used to, in addition to the food that they don't like. You can try giving them a taste of the food they don't like alternately with the food that they like. That way, they'll slowly become more familiar with the taste of the food, and in time, they'll eventually learn to like the taste of the food that's served to them.

Another key thing would be to mix things up. If you see that your kid loves pork adobo, but doesn't like eating chicken, you can serve them adobong manok instead of pork adobo. It's all about trying to give them options but still making the taste familiar to them.

Kids are pretty receptive to new things, though it's important to not surprise them with strong tastes or something that's out of their comfort zone. It's all about finding a balance between new experiences and things that your kid is already familiar with.


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