Stop your child from whining, guaranteed

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The solution to your whining woes are in our four-step method.

The first step to knowing how to stop children from whining is to understand why they do so in the first place: to get attention.

Through time, they’ve discovered that those shrilly voices are something mom, dad or nanny can’t ignore; and so they learn it is an effective communication tool.

But why do they want attention?

For preschoolers, it could be because:

  • They have a low tolerance for frustration
  • They may be experiencing big changes, going to uncharted territory such as attending school (not to mention being left there by mom or dad), welcoming a new sibling or coping with mommy returning to work
  • They don’t get what they want

For school-age kids, it could be because:

  • They are bored
  • They refuse to do what is asked

The parent’s role

A parent’s reaction plays a big role in how to stop children from whining since she has the power to either encourage it or stop it.

You encourage the behavior when you respond angrily just to hush your child. Because the child sees his behavior elicits a response, he is then likely to repeat.

However, if you respond the right way, especially to offer a better (and less irritating) manner of communication, then your child will drop the whining.

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In relation to this, a crucial start on how to stop children from whining is that parents must remember that a child doesn’t whine to purposely annoy; rather, it is a cry for help.

If a child continues to whine, even after employing suggested methods recommended in this article, then you must reflect on the following:

  • Have I been busier than usual lately that I haven’t spent quality time with my child?
  • Have I been attending to one sibling more than the other?
  • Is my child struggling with something (usually a big change)? How can help?
  • Am I consistent with using techniques on how to stop children from whining?

Whining, as mentioned earlier, is a cry for help. So giving children undivided attention daily should give them the attention they seek for in the first place.

Also, doing simple activities that your child loves is enough to give him the quality time he deserves. Here are some examples: reading stories (make this a daily habit), doing age-appropriate chores (washing dishes, separating whites and colored clothes for laundry), cooking, playing sports such as swimming, playing board games, or anything that you can bond over.

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