Can your husband's 'size' affect your sex life?

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Does size really matter when it comes to romance in a marriage? You might be surprised with the answer!

Does size really matter?

For a lot of men, the size of their penis is a very touchy subject. And a lot of men feel that if they're not "well-endowed," then their wives might not be satisfied when they're in bed. But is it really true that size matters?

survey asking the ideal penis size was conducted on 2121 respondents, 1148 males, and 973 females. They were asked what they think is the average penis size in their country, and then what they think is the ideal size.

When it came to the results, women thought that the average penis length was 5.4 inches, and the ideal size was 6.2 inches. For men, the result was a bit higher, as they perceived the average length as 5.5 inches, and the ideal size 6.5 inches.

This meant that men put more value in terms of their penis length compared to women. However, it doesn't mean that size really doesn't matter.

Can it affect your sex life?

Another survey, this time conducted on women, asked them if size really does matter when it comes to sex. 67.4% said that it was somewhat important, 21.4% said that it wasn't important at all, and 11.2% said that it was very important.

Based on the results, it would seem that in reality, women don't really care a lot for the length of a man's penis. Of course, there are some isolated cases, such as when a man suffers from micropenis syndrome, or a condition wherein a man's penis is abnormally small. However, for majority of the population, penis length isn't that big of an issue.

In fact, people often have exaggerated notions of what the 'ideal' penis length is, when in reality, there's no 'ideal' length.

It's nothing to worry about

Most of the time, men feel 'inadequate' mostly due to social pressure. People's perceptions of penis size have become so distorted that some men feel anxious about their penis, and feel that they might not satisfy their partners. However, sex isn't all about the length of a man's penis. There are so many other factors that come into play when it comes to satisfaction than just penis length.

The important thing to remember is that sex is mostly a mental thing. If you feel comfortable in your own body, and you feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner, then sex will be a pleasurable act. The most important thing is to reassure your partner, and don't be afraid to be honest if you want to spice things up a bit in the bedroom.


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