The most important do's and don'ts you need to know during your pregnancy

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These do's and don'ts during your pregnancy can help ensure that your pregnancy will go without a hitch, and your little one will be fit and healthy!

Being a new mom can be scary, especially with all of the things you need to consider about your little one's health. So, with a little help from Momma Jayreen of A Momma's Life, we compiled a list of the most important do's and don'ts during your pregnancy:

Important do's and don'ts during your pregnancy


1. Laser hair removal

For the most part, laser hair removal isn't recommended during pregnancy since it's still not known if it has any negative effects on the fetus. It might be inconvenient to have to shave or get waxed during your pregnancy, but it's still safer than getting a laser treatment.

2. Antihistamine medicine

Some studies have found that drinking antihistamines during pregnancy can potentially cause premature births, or babies with low birth weight, breathing and feeding problems, infections or developmental issues! If you're having really bad allergies, it's best to consult your doctor on what treatment would be safe.

3. Herbal supplements

Some herbal supplements can have a negative effect on the fetus, so it's best to avoid taking in any herbal supplements while you're pregnant.

4. Sexual contact from week 8 to 16

While some couples continue to have sex all throughout the pregnancy, it's still best to avoid intercourse from about week 8 to 16 in order to avoid any miscarriage.

5. Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels can be very dangerous. If you slip or fall while you're pregnant, you can cause injury to your baby. Stick to wearing flats and save your heels for after you've given birth!

6. Using oils or creams in the groin area

Oils and creams can sometimes provide relief to moms who suffer from rashes or chafing during pregnancy. However, it's best to try and avoid using those since they might not be safe for your baby. Consult your doctor first before using any over-the-counter medicine in order to avoid any problems.

7. Wearing pantyliners

While pantyliners do help with the discharge that happens during pregnancy, it can also become a source of infection. Avoid wearing pantyliners during your pregnancy to lower the risk of infection.


1. Wear sunblock

If it's summertime and you're trying to avoid getting sunburnt, then, by all means, wear sunblock. However, make sure to not spend too much time out in the sun, as too much heat can cause problems for you and your child.

2. Use feminine wash

As a result of the excess discharge caused by your pregnancy, you might sometimes feel uncomfortable "down there." Using feminine wash is safe, and can help keep you feel fresh and clean.

3. Using antibiotic ointment and Clobetasol

If you have any skin allergies, then it's okay to use antibiotic ointments or Clobetasol. But as always, consult with your doctor first, just to be sure.

4. Have a warm shower at night

Warm showers are nice to have, especially if you're having trouble getting to sleep. Contrary to any old wives' tales, it's safe to take a warm shower at night, so feel free to do so!

5. Mild and moderate exercise

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise! Exercise is very important and you should try to keep yourself fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

6. Oral prophylaxis during your second trimester (no x-rays though)

It's okay to have your teeth cleaned, but only during the second trimester and onwards. However, you shouldn't have any x-ray procedures done as those can be dangerous to your little one.

Hopefully, these do's and don'ts during your pregnancy can help you with how best to take care of yourself and your little one during your pregnancy!



Jayreen is a momma to a beautiful toddler named Arya. Aside from being a hands-on mother to her little one, she is also a mompreneur and a blogger. Jayreen is a co-founder of The Momma Club. The Momma Club aims to promote positivity among moms of different background through events and various activities. Jayreen enjoys meeting new mom friends, and sharing inspirational tidbits about motherhood and parenthood. She hopes to save the world one day.



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