Married couples can improve sex lives in just one week, study says

Married couples can improve sex lives in just one week, study says

Using 4 simple steps, couples reported having higher sexual satisfaction in just one week! Find out more here!

A new study headed by Amy Muise, Ph. D., assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at York University, has found that couples can improve their sexual satisfaction and overall happiness in as little as a week.

The trick: you have to make a concentrated effort to have sex.

I know what you're thinking--it sounds too simple. But, there's actually a lot more to it than you think.

Before making all that effort to improve your sex life, you need to understand that there are 2 general reasons for having sex:

  1. Intimacy, pleasure, or other positive outcomes
  2. To avoid tension, disappointment, or other negative outcomes

Using this knowledge, Dr. Muise and her research team worked to test a new theory: could telling couples to engage in positive sex improve sexual satisfaction and overall happiness in a relationship?

Married couples can improve sex lives in just one week, study says

To test this hypothesis, the research team educated 94 individuals (all of whom were married or in long-term relationships), on the benefits of engaging in positive sex. Moreover, the research team encouraged them to implement the following rituals into their daily lives:

  • With their partner, compile a list of positive reasons for having sex
  • Everyday, think about and discuss past sexual experiences with their partner
  • Send sexy text messages to their partner
  • Focus on having a good time while having sex

Find out the results of this new study, and read what the study leader had to say about their findings! Visit page two for more!

After just one week of using these new methods, couples reported higher sexual satisfaction with their respective partners, and an overall improved level of happiness in their marriages/relationships.

So, as it turns out, making a concentrated effort to have sex is the simple solution to saving or spicing up your sex life. The important thing is to have the right kind of sex!

improve sex lives

By utilizing the methods used in Muise's study, couples can lead happier sex lives, and better marriages. However, it doesn't stop there. Muise believes that this new methodology could resolve a wide array of sexual issues in marriages and relationships.

"One of the long-term goals [of the study] would be to build this into therapy for couples who are facing sexual issues," Said Dr. Muise in an interview with Science of Relationships.

What do you think of these new findings, parents? Are they the remedy to your marriage's sex life?


This article was based on a post from Business Insider

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