Iron Man fans are booking trips to Hong Kong – here’s why.

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Don’t miss the Stark Expo at Hong Kong Disneyland, where you can ride the Expo Edition Iron Wing Mark VIII and feel like you’re wearing and flying in Iron Man’s armor!

The Iron Man Experience (IMX) in Hong Kong Disneyland is the first Marvel-themed ride at any Disney Park around the world, and what an experience it is!


If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane to see Stark Industries’ past inventions, you’ll find them in four halls: the Hall of Legacy, Hall of Protection, Hall of Energy, and Hall of Mobility.

The IMX also has the Stark Expo. If you would remember, the last Stark Expo was opened by Tony Stark in New York in 2010, and now Hong Kong Disneyland is so lucky to play host to the tech extravaganza this time around.

The Stark Expo contains Tony Stark’s latest innovations, including the Expo Edition Iron Wing Mark VIII. The Iron Wing is made with the same technology as Iron Man’s suit of armor, making you feel like you’re inside the armor and flying in it just like Iron Man!

The ride starts with you wearing StarkVision Glasses before you board the Iron Wing. Some say that you can ride at the back to see and feel all the effects, or you can ride right in front to be as close to the action!

For four and a half minutes, you’ll be flying beside Iron Man, with J.A.R.V.I.S. serving as your co-pilot – talk about fantasy come to life! Get a tour like no other of Hong Kong: see famous landmarks, plus check out the new Stark Tower, the first ever self-sustaining clean energy skyscraper that’s powered by the world’s largest Arc Reactor.

But you’re not just here to tour Hong Kong. There’s a bigger reason why you’re inside the Iron Wing, and that’s to save the day! After all, what’s a superhero without villains to defeat? The forces of Hydra are about to attack Hong Kong, and and you are to defend the city hand-in-hand with Iron Man!

Can’t wait to ride the Iron Wing? But first, check to see if the kids reach the height limit—they have to 120 centimeters (4 feet) or above. If your kids are under 7 years old, they would need to be accompanied by a guest who is 16 years old or above.

The adventure continues…

The fun doesn’t stop with the Stark Expo, the Halls, and the Iron Wing. After you get a photo taken with Iron Man himself, raid the gift shop for all things Iron Man – fans will not be able to resist – you can have your favorite spaces decked out in all things Iron Man, from beddings to the tiniest detail, like macarons!

Bringing the whole family to Hong Kong Disneyland is so easy, too! Log on to to plan your trip now. If you’d like to buy your tickets, you can get them in advance, HERE.

Check out this link for more information on the Iron Man Experience.

You can also like the Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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Maita De Jesus