It's All About Your Senses

It's All About Your Senses

Steps to show you how to use senses to enrich your relationship.

importance of 5 senses

Here is how your senses, plays a big role in your relationship

Senses are very important allies to every relationship. Nurturing all your senses and those of your partner’s could really lead you to different heights in your relationship.

The sense of hearing – the window to your soul. Ever heard a familiar song and felt a rush of emotion? Music can be a the perfect catalyst for a release of feelings. Getting closer to one another could be as simple as relaxing side-by-side with “your song” playing in the background; it could be the one you danced to at your wedding, or even the one you thought of when you first caught sight of each other. This brings back memories, remindong you why you love each other.

Remember the glow on your partner’s face when you told her that you loved her? Well, this is another example of the way the sense of hearing can be nurtured to boost your relationship. Compliments – the meaningful ones, can always do more than anything else to nurture a relationship and should be indulged in.

Similarly, eating delectable foods that accentuate sensuality, like chocolates, whipped cream, finger foods that you can feed your partner – to mention a few, not only enhances the sense of tastebut also increases intimacy. A good way to enhance the romance in your life is to cook or order some delectable gourmet food for each other, which is guaranteed to enhance the romance and intimacy in your life.

Looking good never did anybody any harm. In fact, seeing something pleasing to the eye will most probably draw you to each other even more. It’s so easy to let go of our upkeep after marriage, but every once in a while, treat your partner to your bombshell looks! In addition to that, treat their sense of smell too – mist on some the perfume your partners likes best on you, to make yourself completely irresistable.

Touch is probably the most effective way to enhance sexuality in a relationship. Touch need not be sexual in nature but could just be simple holding of hands, kissing or even giving a foot massage. Even the mere act of just lying down together without actually indulging in any sexual activity but just cuddling up will accentuate your senses and bring you closer together.

So indulge in the senses and bring your relationship to a whole new level!

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