Iya Villania on breastfeeding in public: Practice makes perfect!

Iya Villania on breastfeeding in public: Practice makes perfect!

The first time mom is back at work and as she gets back into the groove, she's also learning how to multitask and breastfeed in public!

New mom Iya Villania makes motherhood look fun and easy, but there's still one area that she needs to work on – breastfeeding in public.

The TV host opened up on Instagram recently, sharing a photo of her breastfeeding while on set getting dolled up.

"Still trying to get the hang of feeding in public, but as they say 'practice makes perfect!'" wrote the 30-year-old first time mom on her Instagram. "I wonder if we'll ever be open to feeding without covers here. If ever, don't count on me to be the first to try!"

As a "breastfeeding momma", she admits she's always hungry. She recently shared a funny photo of herself snacking on "healthy balls of protein" while baby Primo snoozed beside her.

"5 grams of protein in 1 ball! 2 balls for one serving!" she wrote, thanking fellow GMA Host/Actress Bettina Carlos for giving her the healthy treats. "So you get 10g of protein per serving! Wow! Ang galing ko sa math! But wait... there's more" these are low fat, low GI, gluten free, butter free and high in fiber! O ha!"

"This breastfeeding mum can't stop eating!!!! So stocked up on healthy snacks yesterday as well as on some goodies for the lil boy for when he can start snacking too...was also able to get a head start on some Christmas shopping!" she proudly wrote on Instagram.

The active mom, who's been an exercise buff since before – and even during – her pregnancy, knows that the priority now is to make sure Primo is fed.

"When your workout gets cut short coz the little boss wakes up hungry and you're still direct feeding," she wrote in an Instagram post over a month ago; Primo was about a month old.

"So fascinating how supply increases as baby's demands do! The female body is just so amazing!" gushed the mom in a recent Instagram post. "Also, the double pump has really been coming in handy especially for when I'm stuck in traffic going home! It cuts my pumping time down to half and allows me to be more efficient making better use of my time when I get home... like just having to wash my face and being able to go straight to bed before the boy wakes up for his next feed!"

"You have no idea how much more important time becomes when you're a mum," she continued. "I still (kind of) laugh at how much my life has changed since and all the different things I have to worry about now (like getting rid of engorgement or making sure he has a fresh feed ready for when I'm away), but if it means Primo getting the best, then I'll do it."


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