Jake Ejercito confirms he is the dad of Andi Eigenmann's daughter

Jake Ejercito confirms he is the dad of Andi Eigenmann's daughter

After posting a heartfelt message for his daughter Ellie, Jake has finally directly admitted that he is her dad. More details, here

Jake Ejercito has finally broken his silence and confirmed that he is indeed the father of Ellie Eigenmann.

In an interview with PEP, Jake said “Yeah” when asked if he really is the dad of actress Andi Eigenmann’s 4-year-old daughter. “Never ko namang idinenay eh.”

For years, the public assumed that the dad of Ellie was Albie Casino, Andi’s ex-boyfriend. But Andi’s cousin Max put all rumors to rest when she revealed Ellie’s true paternity in an interview on Good Times with Mo.

Jake explained to PEP that it was a year ago when he found out through a DNA test.

“I’m happy and I have no regrets.”

I’ll keep you safe. Keep you warm

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“I was really surprised,” recalled Jake of the time when he received the test results. “But I’m happy and I have no regrets.”

He also clarified why he has been keeping mum for months, citing the need to protect Ellie as the main reason he chose to keep quiet. “Kasi, ‘di ba, ang daming parties involved,” he went on. “All I wanted was to protect Ellie. Kasi ayoko talagang pag-usapan.”

Jake’s mom, Laarni Ejercito, has also broken her silence about the issue. In an interview with Push, she revealed that she’s simply waiting for Andi to reach out to them and talk things through.

“Alam mo ang importante kasi diyan kung ano ang sasabihin ng nanay. Ako naghihintay lang ako, and I’m open, I can accept,” she emphasized, adding that they will accept, love, and be proud of Ellie.

Jake Ejercito is also the son of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

photo: Jake Ejercito Instagram

photo: Jake Ejercito Instagram

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