This Japanese baby girl and her huge pet poodle will melt your heart!

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We promise you won't see anything cuter today than this wee baby girl and her pet Giant Poodle!

How cute can a friendship get? Certainly not cuter than this one between one-year-old Japanese toddler Mame and Riku, her pet Giant Poodle!

We stumbled across their adorable pic-story on Instagram, where Mame’s grandmother posts their super-cute exploits. Apparently, the two are inseparable – eating, sleeping and playing together.

They are certainly a hit with netizens, with almost 80k followers! And you won’t be surprised to find out why when you see just how gorgeous the unlikely duo are.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes and hearts on these photos that we just cannot get enough of, and we are sure you will fall in love with them just like we did.

Let the pictures do the talking!

japanese girl pet poodle

Reading buddies!

japanese girl pet poodle

Reading is fun when you have a friend!

japanese girl pet poodle

Sleeping buddies…

japanese girl pet poodle

Oh so cute!!

japanese girl pet poodle


Does your little one have a pet who is their best friend? We’d love to see pictures, so drop us a message or share them in a comment!

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