Japanese school kids who steal from the elderly, still at large

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Two boys are suspected to be the perpetrators in a string of petty theft that has left elderly residents in Osaka, Japan, missing almost Php50,000.

A town in Osaka, Japan, has just seen a string of thefts involving two young boys believed to be in fifth or sixth grade, said Japanese news reports.

According to RocketNews24, the crimes started last November 3, with a total of six home victims. The young thieves have allegedly pilfered 130,000 yen, or roughly Php50,000.

One of the victims lost around 90,000 yen or Php35,000.

How do they rob the victims?

The children’s modus operandi is to allegedly target old people. They go up to the house, knock, and ask to use the bathroom.

Reports said that while one child pretended to use the comfort room, the other went around the house to take all the valuable items he can find. The children targeted wallets and purses.

The crimes usually occurred on weekends and weekday nights. This suggested that the perpetrators attend regular school days so as not to seem suspicious.

In Japan, children as young as nine years old are allowed to ride public transportation and walk to school. Kids as young as three years old are even sent on small errands.

Still at large

The Osaka police have stepped up their efforts in apprehending these two boys, and residents have been advised to be more vigilant about children who want to use their toilets.

The crime wave is still on, with 18 days passing since the first reported incident.

Some people have speculated that an adult may be directing the children in their efforts.

Such a shocking story, isn't it, mommies and daddies? Perhaps you should talk to the kids about speaking to strangers, even if those strangers are kids, too.

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