LOOK: Jodi Sta. Maria and Jolo Revilla bond with Iwa Moto, Pampi Lacson and kids in Singapore

Their unlikely friendship and modern family continues to inspire!

“Blessed. Loved. At peace. Favored. By His grace only. With God, nothing is impossible. He takes all of our broken pieces and puts them back together beautifully,” wrote Jodi Sta. Maria in the caption of a family photo.

In it, the 35-year-old actress is all smiles with her son Thirdy, boyfriend Jolo Revilla, former husband Pampi Lacson, and his wife, Iwa Moto, and their daughter, Eve.

The inspiring modern family is currently vacationing in Singapore.

photo: Jodi Sta. Maria instagram account

“Unexpected friendships are the best,” wrote Iwa in the caption of an adorable photo of her and Jodi enjoying the sights in Singapore.

photo: Iwa Moto instagram account

During the day, they enjoyed the bustling city’s famous tourist spots aboard the popular Duck Tours amphibian bus, which has the ability to travel on land and on water!

photo: Iwa Moto instagram account

By nightfall, they trooped to the immersive Night Safari, which involves seeing various wildlife up close while riding a tram as well as exciting walking tours.

photo: Iwa Moto instagram account

The good thing about maintaining close ties is that Jodi and Pampi’s son Thirdy gets to bond with his little sister, Iwa and Pampi’s daughter, Eve.

photo: Iwa Moto instagram account

Back in 2013, about a year after their rumored feud and shortly after Iwa gave birth to her daughter, Jodi Sta. Maria reached out to her.  Since then, they have shared countless family milestones, like Thirdy’s graduation and school basketball games.

Just a few months before they traveled together, Iwa paid tribute to Jodi on Instagram, writing: “Thank you so much for everything. Thank you dahil nandyan ka palagi para sa’min. I really appreciate the late night talks we have,” she said. “Advices you’ve shared. And the constant prayers you have given me and my family. Indeed unexpected friendships are the best ones. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that we’d be like this. Thank you again for everything.”

With a fully mended relationship despite life’s complications, we have no doubt that Jodi and Iwa’s unlikely friendship and unexpected family will continue to grow and blossom!

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