Jodi Sta.Maria embraces being a “stepmom”

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Actress Jodi Sta.Maria absolutely loves being a stepmom to ex-husband Pampi Lacson's daughter, as well as boyfriend Jolo Revilla's son!

Actress and mom Jodi Sta.Maria can now add being a stepmom to the list of roles that she can be proud of!

Jodi Sta.Maria loves being a stepmom!

It goes without saying that everyone remembers Jodi's character, Maya, in Be Careful With My Heart back in 2012 where she played a stepmom to three kids. And you'll be surprised that in real life, Jodi also acts as a stepmom to Mimi, daughter of her ex-husband Pampi Lacson and Iwa Moto.

Here's a photo of the pair having fun!

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Not only that, Jodi is also the stepmom to Gabriel, who is the son of her boyfriend Jolo Revilla and his ex-girlfriend.

Here's a photo of Jodi, Gabriel, and Jodi's son Thirdy!

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It's not conventional, but it works!

Their setup as a family might be unconventional for some people, but hey, it works for Jodi! Her relationship with Thirdy's dad might not have worked out, but they still remain friends with each other.

In an interview with PEP, Jodi shares, "Alam mo, siguro there’s no greater feeling na malaman mo na yung anak mo, minamahal siya. Yun nga ang sinasabi namin kay Thirdy.

"Hindi man nag-work out yung sa amin ng daddy niya, pero yung little family namin, yung blended family namin, di ba parang mas dumami pa yung mga taong nagmamahal sa kanya?"

It's really amazing to see how close Jodi is, even with her ex's family. It just goes to show how much she cares about her son and his relationship with his dad!


Source: PEP

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