8 Times Angelina and Joey Mead King proved that Love Wins

8 Times Angelina and Joey Mead King proved that Love Wins

The inspiring couple have are living proof that true love wins! Here are eight of our favorite Joey and Angie kilig moments

Motel tycoon and car racing enthusiast Ian King's transition to Angelina, which began long before it was made public in July 2016, may have had many worrying that it would be the end of her marriage with model/TV host Joey Mead. But the loving couple didn't let anything stand in the way of their love, inspiring and enlightening many how true love defies gender.

Sticking to the vows they made when they wed in 2011, Angelina and Joey have broken all stereotypes and have proven that true love doesn't only win; it endures.

It's tough enough to stay together amid the many pressures that come with being in the public eye, but Angelina and Joey are proving time and time again that a true marriage can't be defined by what society says it is.

Let's take a look back at some of their most kilig and inspiring moments!

The kiss that said it all 

They posted this kiss on Instagram following Angelina's big reveal, putting all rumor to rest and confirming that they were still very much in love.

When they broke the news together

Prior to their kissing clip, the pair made a joint announcement, sharing the same post on their respective Instagram accounts.

Freedom ..❤️

A photo posted by joeymeadking (@joeymeadking) on

When they weren't shy about expressing their love

"I love you, Joey Mead King," wrote Angelina in a heartwarming post on her new Instagram accounts, which surely made her 80,000 followers swoon.

When Joey shared her dad would be so proud of Angelina

"I know he would be so proud and happy for my beautiful partner," Joey gushed, believing her late dad, who passed away in 2015, would be rooting for them if he were still around.

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When they would have "twinning" moments

They often go on salon days and even try on the same shoes! Remember the time they tried on the same gorgeous pair of strappy black heels?

They like getting dolled up together!

"Clothes don't define gender because that comes from within," wrote Joey on Instagram. And we couldn't agree more! They also clean up nicely, don't you think?

And have car sing alongs!

You have to find someone you can have fun doing totally random things with, like singing along in the car to 80s rock hits and finding much joy in simple moments.

When in traffic ... Why not sing! @hailtothe_queen_ & I goofing off ???? live alittle love a lot

A video posted by joeymeadking (@joeymeadking) on

Finally, it's so admirable how Angelina calls Joey her "Rock"

Though their marriage was unfazed by the changes brought about by her transition, it must not have been smooth sailing. It's great that, through it all, Angelina can embrace the journey with her rock and number one supporter by her side!

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