WATCH: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen sing to baby Luna

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With private concerts like this right in the comforts of home, baby Luna's one lucky kid

John Legend may be a multi-awarded singer and songwriter, and Chrissy Teigen may be a supermodel and Lip Sync Battle co-host, but when they’re at home with their baby Luna, they’re just mom and dad.

The couple recently held an impromptu music session for their 4-month-old daughter Luna, which Teigen captured and shared on Instagram. In the video, Teigen hums the melody of “O’ Christmas Tree” as Legend plays the piano.

"The never-ending song"

the never-ending song

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“The never-ending song,” Teigen captioned the clip. After each verse, Legend, 37, would raise the key, to the amusement of his 30-year-old wife. Though this little show was held just for her, Luna looked uninterested, obviously accustomed to her parents’ sweet antics. Tough crowd.

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Ever since they welcomed Luna, their first child, in April, the couple have been documenting her growth on Instagram and Snapchat, sharing these precious moments with their followers since the very beginning—even through Teigen’s pregnancy.

Like the nursery rhyme, baby Luna probably has music wherever she goes. In an earlier clip, Teigen is seen rocking her baby to Beyonce’s “Blue” (the Queen B’s song for her own daughter Blue Ivy).

Mommy getting ready for Beyoncé in Milan tonight!

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Recently, Legend told People that becoming a father has given him even more motivation to make the world a better place. “I’ve always wanted to give back but [being a father] just gives you even more reason to want the world to be a better place because you want the world to be better for your kids than it was for you,” he said.

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