7-year-old Balang in Latin show Que Noche (What a Night!)

7-year-old Balang in Latin show Que Noche (What a Night!)

The seven-year old internet Filipino sensation John Philip "Balang" Bughaw continues to grow in popularity with a new guest appearance in Latin show Que Noche (What a Night!).

At seven years old, John Philip “Balang” Bughaw is a rising star, slowly gaining popularity for his incredible dance moves.

A report by Nimfa Rueda of the Philippine Daily Inquirer revealed that Balang made his fourth trip to the U.S for a guest appearance on Que Noche (What a Night!), a show airing on Telemundo on NBC.

Balang, who has a huge fan base among Latinos, was accompanied by his mother Mary Jane, and family friend and interpreter Danica Doma.

Also according to the report, the group arrived in Los Angeles on March 8. Taping started on March 9 in Florida.

The episode, which is hosted by Mexican actress and singer Angelica Vale and Raul Gonzales, will be aired sometime in July.

“Balang was treated like a superstar, with the red carpet, limousine and all,” Vic Perez, Balang’s LA-based international manager, told the Inquirer, adding that the celebrities Balang worked with on the show “went gaga over Balang.”

Here he is fresh from the appearance - with no signs of an energy slump! This kid was born to be a star.

Balang first caught the limelight in May last year as producers of the Ellen DeGeneres Show booked him for an appearance in the show when his YouTube videos went viral.

The young internet sensation is well-loved for his dance moves for the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande.

Six months later, Balang again appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

In addition, he danced off with tWitch, the show’s DJ, to the tune of “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”.

Balang is also set to guest in a new dance song entitled “Bing Bang Bounce.”

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