LOOK: Judy Ann Santos proudly shares daughter Yohan bought gadget with her own money

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The actress' eldest daughter made polvoron and sold it to save up for a gadget. Check out how Judy Ann is teaching her kids the value of money and working hard for what they want...

Actress Judy Ann Santos and her husband, host Ryan Agoncillo achieved success through valuing hard work, and now they want to teach their kids the same thing.

Using her hard-earned money from selling polvoron she made herself, Judy Ann's 12-year-old daughter Yohan managed to buy herself a gadget.

The proud mom shared a photo of her eldest child patiently waiting for her purchase.

"Our eldest.. anxiously waiting for ate to give her hard earned gadget. She made polvoron during the holidays, sold it to her ninongs and ninangs, our co-workers, our angels at home, and to her lolo and lola's," wrote Judy Ann in the post's caption, emphasizing how much they "want to teach her the value of buying her own things by working hard for it" so she'll appreciate it more.

"We are so proud of our ate Yohan. Good job, sweetie pie and good job to you too bub, for being so patient in explaining and teaching our kids the value of money and family," continued Judy Ann, referring to her husband, Ryan.

The resourceful 12-year-old not only learned the value of hard work, she also made her parents proud.

Nangisda, nag ihaw, excited ng kumain! ???? #storiesforlucho #bakawan

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Despite being celebrities, Judy Ann and Ryan try their best not to raise spoiled kids. On Instagram, they often share their simple family getaways and how their kids help out around the house.

Boodle fight!! Kain na po!

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