How to maximize each phase of childhood - because children grow up quickly!

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Blink and you miss it. Find out how to make the most out of your child's time with you, because children grow up quickly!

Parents are constantly reminded of how fast kids grow up - they see the evidence every day. The first part of one video tries to capture the whole growing up process in just three minutes!

The video starts with a birth announcement, followed by a dad preparing the nursery. Then it shows a baby who quickly becomes a toddler trying to escape from her crib.

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Soon after, a little girl wearing a princess dress can be seen painting on an easel. She starts going to school. Fast forward a bit and you see her having fun with friends and pretending to be part of a girl band.

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Before you know it, she becomes interested in boys and is all dressed up for the prom. Until finally, it's time for the not-so-little-girl-anymore to graduate and move out - check out that reminder from childhood that's left behind when she leaves!

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Ask most parents and they will agree - children grow up very quickly. Orange, the organization that created the video, noted that on average, there are only 936 weeks between birth and high school graduation. Luckily for us in the Philippines, moving out usually happens only when the wedding bells ring (if not physically, maybe psychologically).

It's just a phase, don't miss it

Still, the formative years are limited. That is the message of Orange: "It's just a phase, don't miss it." On their website, they highlighted four points that parents should remember so that they can make the most of their time with their children at each phase:

  • Influence through significant relationships - At each phase, your child will "listen to different voices at different volumes." Understand who is important to them so you know how to best reach and teach them.
  • Understand present realities - How your child understands and interacts with the world depends on his development and maturity. Their reality is different from how grown ups see things and should be acknowledged, not invalidated.
  • Leverage distinctive opportunities - All phases will have significant once-in-a-lifestyle milestones such as going to school for the first time or going to the prom. Make these special moments meaningful.
  • And navigate for future implications - The choices made and lessons learned at earlier phases set the stage for the child's future. Build a strong foundation to set them up for success.

Each phase will have its ups and downs - if you have a struggle right now (maybe you're dealing with a clingy toddler or rebellious teen) seek help and remember that it's just a phase. Children do develop through stages and outgrow problems. Grow with and make the most of your time with them at each phase.

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