10 Ways to keep the romance alive in your long distance relationship

Make your hearts grow fonder even if you're miles away with these romantic tips for LDR couples

While absence makes the heart grow fonder, it can also (in some cases) make it grow colder. To make sure this doesn't happen to you and your significant other who is, unfortunately, miles away, make an effort to keep the romance alive by being creative and consistent.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Plan regular date nights

Choose a day of the week and commit to being available on that day. It shouldn't be just a regular video chat, it can be sharing a meal together. One or both of you could go to a park or a museum and share the experience with one another. Make your date nights fun and creative; having something to look forward to each week will truly turn up the romance.

2. Send private photos throughout the day

No, this is not what you might be thinking about (though those could work, too). Send visuals of your day's highlights through photos; this can make your partner feel more involved in your life. It would also help if you prioritize sharing with them first before updating your social media. This way, they get first dibs on what you're up to, even if they can't be experiencing it alongside you. Make them feel vital to your day even if they're miles away.

3. Send good morning messages

Sending a good morning text or Facebook message lets your partner know that they're the first thing you think about as soon as you open your eyes. It may be simple, but once done with consistency, it will give your partner comfort in knowing that they are always on your mind.

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4. Video chat constantly

Though this may seem difficult if you both have busy schedules, map out a schedule and make sure you stick to it as best as you can. Make them a priority in your life by carving out a space for them in your day. Looking each other in the eye as you speak can make you feel more connected, even if it's just through a phone or computer screen.

5. Experience something new together

Just because you're far away, it doesn't mean that you can share new experiences. For instance, have you always wanted to bike to work? Strap on a gopro or motion camera to your handlebars and take them along for the ride. Be resourceful and make it fun!

6. Fantasize together

Share your hopes and dreams as well as your desires in the bedroom through phone calls. Use creative words and other means to stimulate one another. You can even undress and visualize a particularly steamy scene from a book or movie.

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7. Be intimate, creatively

Once you have fantasizing together down pat, you can act on your desires through phone or chat. Why not watch the same sexy movie at the same time? Phone sex can also be a good idea, if you're both comfortable with it.

8. Start a project together

Working on something together even if you're miles apart can encourage a stronger bond. Why not start a joint blog? You can even write fan fiction together. If writing's not your thing, you can start craft projects like scrapbooks or painting the same landscape or portrait.

9. Write them love letters through e-mail

Love letters are timeless. Make it a habit to woo your partner through the written word. This is a surefire way to make sure the spark remains. Who doesn't love receiving love letters from the one they love the most? Make sure you never take this for granted.

10. Always plan the next visit

Set a countdown to the next time you see each other again. Having a specific date to look forward to can make the wait bearable for both of you. It also adds excitement, as each day that passes is a step closer to the next time you get to feel each other's embrace again.

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