5 Kid-friendly business ideas to help you raise money savvy kids!

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Make it a memorable summer by allowing kids to learn and earn! Here are some ideas to get your little entrepreneur started

This summer, you don't have to enrol kids in workshops to make sure they keep busy while learning and having fun.

You can also try encouraging them to put up a small business!

This way, you don't have to spend a lot and you can teach kids the value of hard work and how to manage finances well at an early age. These will truly be valuable lessons and skills that they can use for the rest of their lives!

Being resourceful and enterprising isn't something you're born with, but it's something that can be nurtured.

Here are five business ideas to teach your kid to be truly money savvy!

1. Food stands

Set up a stall in your village or subdivision. You can sell street snacks like fish balls or squid balls. Perhaps some refreshments and desserts like ice, candy, halo-halo, sago't gulaman, and mais con hielo? Another option is to sell Pinoy faves like barbecue or banana-cue and grill them right on the street. You can also bake things with your kids, like cookies and revel bars, to hone their measurement and baking skills.

Not only will these teach kids to be kitchen and business savvy, it will also enhance their social skills!

2. Create accessories

For crafty kids, you can teach them to create bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories and sell them online or to your neighbors. This type of business nurtures their creativity and craft-making skills!

3. Tutoring

For kids who excel in academics, they can become tutors to kids who are having a difficult time. This type of business teaches them patience and it also makes sure that they maintain their studying habits, too, even though it's summer vacation.

4. Garage sale

Teach them not to hoard by suggesting that they determine which toys, clothing, and other items they can part with. Organize a garage sale and guide them as they attach a price tag to each item.

You can also help them set aside things to donate to charity to teach them the value of giving and sharing their blessings.

5. T-shirt printing

For fashion-loving kids, you can get them into printing their own T-Shirts. Teach them how to research their own designs and reach out to family and friends for design requests.

You can use transfer paper, silk screen, photo emulsion, or inkodye. Find out how, here and here.

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