Want your kids to learn the meaning of friendship? Show them this touching video

Want your kids to learn the meaning of friendship? Show them this touching video

He was just about to give up on a seemingly insurmountable challenge when something amazing happened

Failing is a big part of growing up. And so, especially when we are young, we need to be surrounded by a supportive group of people who will root for us even if we feel like we don’t deserve it.

Take this young boy in this video which is quickly going viral for example.

Not much is known about the video yet it appears to have been taken during some sort of recital.

The 10-step challenge involves successfully leap frogging over a stack of 10 planks piled up together without your feet touching the top.

While in front of his kindergarten classmates, and their families, the young boy determinedly tries to complete the 10-step challenge but to no avail.

On his first attempt, he is unable to make it. He tries a second time but stops just short of the top. He leaps over it and runs back to his starting point.

After his third try, he is still unable to successfully leap over the obstacle. Now, we see him wiping away tears with the back of his hand and forearm.

Still, he presses on. His resilience alone is enough to touch any viewer.

But after his fourth failed attempt, something even more heartwarming happens.

meaning of friends 1

screengrab: youtube

His classmates, who have been sitting close together atop a stage, quickly descend and surround him (as if in a mid-game huddle) and they chant something inaudible.

We can only guess they were words of encouragement because after his classmates go back to their places on the stage, he confidently makes a run for it and leaps over the hurdle, conquering the 10-step challenge flawlessly.


screengrab: youtube

A true testament to how both resilience and a solid support system can help us overcome any obstacle in life.

何度も涙を拭きながら、園児の挑戦 感動の10段跳び

Posted by 有村吉孝 on Saturday, February 20, 2016

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