4 young girls kidnapped by white van in Taguig

According to a news report, 4 young girls who recently went missing are believed to have been abducted by a white van in Taguig.

4 young girls are believed to have been abducted after they reportedly went missing in Lower Bicutan, Taguig.

"Kinuha daw po siya ng van na puti... papatayin daw po sila"

According the grandmother of one of the victims, her granddaughter was abducted near MLQ road while she was going to church. She adds that her granddaughter was still able to contact her last night, and was asking for help.

She shares, "Tulungan daw po siya dahil kinuha daw po siya ng van na puti, marami daw po sila... Hindi raw po sila pinapakain, papatayin daw po sila."

According to the text messages, her granddaughter is with the other victims in a house near a field. The other hostages were around the same age as her.

"Mayroon na raw pong ibinenta, mayroon na daw pong kinuha ngayong umaga"

The grandmother added that she received another text from her granddaughter, saying, "Mayroon na raw pong ibinenta, mayroon na daw pong kinuha ngayong umaga. Paano po namin siya tutulungan, wala pong lead kung saan namin siya pupuntahan? Basta ang sabi niya po, nasa bukid sila."

The grandmother shared that she tried reporting the incident to the police, but she got frustrated since it seemed that the policeman was more annoyed than concerned at what happened.

Along with her 15-year-old granddaughter, local authorities have said that there are 3 more girls who have been missing since Saturday. They are the sisters Ysabelle Ezra Yanos, 3, Ysabelle Yves Yanos, 7, and Ysabelle Edvyne Yanos, 10.

Based on reports, the three sisters were also abducted along MLQ road. An investigation is currently ongoing regarding their whereabouts. Hopefully, they can be found and rescued soon and the perpetrators brought to justice.

Keeping your child safe from abduction

For any parent, hearing about abductions and kidnappings on the news can sometimes make them feel unsafe, or even paranoid.

Which is why it's important to follow these helpful tips that hopefully will keep your child safe

  • Treat all strangers the same. These days, a potential kidnapper can look like anyone. Even the best-dressed person could be a potential suspect which is why you should teach your kids to be extra careful around strangers. They shouldn't necessarily avoid them, but they need to learn how to tell if someone can be trusted or not.
  • Teach them to say no! If anyone, even someone they know, is asking them to do something that's against their will, or if it's something that would make them feel uncomfortable, then they should learn how to say no.
  • Always be prepared. Give your child your phone numbers and provide them with places or other numbers that they can call if they find themselves in trouble. It's always important to make sure that your kids are always safe, and that they always have a way of contacting your, or your relatives just in case something goes wrong.
  • Practice different scenarios with your kids. A good way to check on how your kid will act during an emergency would be to try and run through various scenarios with her. Pretend that you're a stranger who's trying to abduct her, and see how she reacts, and what things she says. This is a good way of making sure that your child knows what to do if someone tries to abduct them.

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