PNP asks parents to remain vigilant of kidnapping schemes

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While the PNP has yet to confirm reports of kidnapping schemes and children being sold for organs, they still urge parents to be more vigilant.

If you're keeping up with the news, then you probably might have heard some reports about various kidnapping schemes in Metro Manila. Some Facebook posts also say that there are white vans roaming around, looking for children to abduct.

Some parents have raised concerns after hearing these reports. However, the PNP-AKG wants parents to know that there is still no conclusive evidence to these reports.

What should parents know about these kidnapping schemes?

Last March 15, a man was arrested in Pasig City for allegedly kidnapping a five-year-old boy. Before that, a number of Facebook posts showing an alleged kidnapper went viral.

While the PNP has yet to confirm that there is indeed a kidnapping syndicate, they still urge parents to be more vigilant.

PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa said in a statement, "They should be very vigilant naman sa child kidnapping incidents. Bantayan ninyo yan, [for the] assurance sa public. Well, I can assure you that your police will act on any report at magbabantay kami sa kapakanan ng mga bata."

"So far, wala pa tayong na-establish kung merong sindikato na namumulot ng bata," he continues.

What is the PNP doing against these schemes?

Currently, the PNP are still investigating whether or not the reports of kidnappers are accurate.

Last March 2, there were reports online of incidents in Barangay Santa Lucia, San Juan.

In January, three kidnapping incidents were reported in Binan, Laguna. One of the victims who managed to escape said that kidnappers in a black van abducted her.

AKG spokesperson Supt. Elmer Cereno says, "To look into the possibility ng lumalabas sa mga balita natin na ganitong umano'y cases of kidnapping of minors related to internal organs of trafficking, nag-start kami buhat nang mabalitaan ito. Nag-trace down kami sa mga possibility na pinangyarihan nito. At sumagot ang mga chiefs of police ng mga cities at bayan, negative naman ang mga related incidents na na-report sa kanila."

The AKG also urges netizens to be more responsible when it comes to sharing information. It's important to verify and confirm that the incident did indeed happen in order to avoid panic.

Chief Dela Rosa adds, "Wala pa tayong naestablish kung merong sindikato ano na namumulot ng bata, grab ng bata, but I am appealing to the public for their vigilance lalo na yung mga mothers, parents. Huwag niyo pabayaan ang mga anak niyo na gumagala dyan sa labas ng pamamahay na walang bantay. Baka mamaya mawala na lang yan so bantayan niyo mga anak niyo."


Source: ABS-CBN

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