5 kids’ bad habits that can be turned into a good thing

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Is your child driving you up the wall with her bad habits and various antics? Here's how you can help turn that negative behavior into something positive!

Excessive screen time

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Is your child constantly glued to a mobile device or the television?

In this modern day and age, it is not an uncommon sight to see kids or even babies glued to a mobile device of some sort, watching their favorite online video or even playing a child-friendly game — but is it too much?

Possible causes: Children often imitate their parents, so if you are constantly using your mobile phone in front of your little ones, or like to watch movie marathons at home, chances are that they will pick up this habit too.

Your child could possibly just be bored and doesn’t know what else to do to occupy her time besides reaching for that handheld device and scrolling through the endless videos available on Youtube.

Our suggestion: Lead by example and try to limit your own screen time so that your child may follow suit.

Set a timer to indicate how much screen time she’s allowed and stick to your rules.

When your child does use a mobile device or watches TV, monitor the shows that she’s exposed to and find some educational programmes for her instead.

Download educational apps so that she can practice her letters and numbers or a new skill (such as learning a second language).

But also remember to encourage your little one to take in physical activities and get some sunshine outdoors.

Teasing and fighting with siblings

No parent wants to see sibling rivalry among their own children, but unfortunately this may be a reality for some and you might be at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to stop your kids from fighting and squabbling with one another.

Possible causes: Sibling rivalry can be due to feelings of jealousy and a strong sense of competition for kids to prove to themselves (and often, their parents) that they are the “better” child.

Although this is perfectly normal, it might get out of hand and turn into full blown fist fights or mean-spirited name-calling.

Some children may also not know the positive ways to interact with their sibling, so picking a fight seems to be the only way they know how to get attention.

Our suggestion: Spend enough one-on-one time with each child to avoid any feelings of neglect or favoritism.

Try not to over-praise one child over the other or compare your children to one another, as this could cause them to feel jealous and resentful.

Teach your kids how to play well together and which words to use for more positive interactions.

For older siblings, give them a sense of responsibility by assigning them tasks to help out with the younger ones — you’d be surprised how well they can take on to this role!

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A poor diet could affect your child’s behaviour, so make sure he gets all the right nutrients

Good nutrition plays a part

Your child’s nutrition not only helps with her growth and development, but it can also affect her behavior.

To make sure that your little one achieves optimal mental and behavioral performance at all times, it is important that she gets the right nutrients through her daily diet.

Studies have shown that essence of chicken has been proven to help combat mental fatigue and can improve your performance of cognitive tasks. This dietary supplement for kids also comes with Vitamin B Complex which will boost your little one’s mental alertness and concentration; or with premium grade Lycium (Wolfberries) to help improve her eyesight.

Kids will be kids

Remember that your child is not acting out just to intentionally rile you up — there is a reason behind her actions and you just have to be patient and try to figure out the root of the cause before you chastise or punish her supposed bad behavior.

Help your child find better ways to express herself, communicate her feelings or channel her energy to something more positive.

You will have a much happier child on your hands and a more peaceful household too!

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