Children who go to daycare are more skilled than kids who stay at home, says study

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According to a new study, 2-3-year-olds who go to daycare/nursery are generally more skilled than their peers who stay at home with mom.

Working parents, here’s something that might make you feel better. According to a new study published by the London School of Economics, sending your children to nursery or a daycare may be better for them than keeping them at home, as it helps them develop skills.

“It should give parents some reassurance that nurseries are not going to harm their children, and are likely to be beneficial,” co-author Dr. Laurence Roope told The Telegraph.

daycare more skilled

“Overall it seems nursery has a significant impact on development”

Roope did point out that there is a trade-off between going to work and staying at home—one would mean having more family finances, while the other would strengthen the parent-child bond.

“Obviously there are different ways of interpreting the results. It could be there is a trade-off,” he said. “On the one hand, going out to work brings in more money for the family, which leads to more financial security and the ability to partake in more activities. But on the other hand it might mean that the bond between parent and child is not as great, particularly if the parent is coming in tired or stressed. But overall it seems nursery has a significant impact on development.”

The researchers also found that the more time the children spent in the nursery, the more benefit they got.

“We’re not saying that they should be spending 24 hours a day there, but it does seem spending more time there had significant benefits,” added Dr Roope.

The study looked at data that surveyed over 800 mothers, who were asked about their financial status, education, and the progress of their 2- and 3-year-old children.

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