Children who go to daycare are more skilled than kids who stay at home, says study

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According to a new study, 2-3-year-olds who go to daycare/nursery are generally more skilled than their peers who stay at home with mom.

Active parenting is key

Parents who choose to stay at home with their kids have something to learn from this study, which ultimately shows that the way children spend their time significantly impacts their development. Parents have to be more intentional with how they spend their time with their kids—in other words, active parenting is key. Roope explained, “It seems that what is important is engaging in interactive activities with the child”

daycare more skilled

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The study also looked at different activities and how they impact kids. To summarize, they found that:

  • kids who spent more time under the care of their grandparents have better communication and social skills
  • kids with more siblings have better overall skills
  • reading and shopping make young children happiest
  • reading, telling stories, and singing songs help with speech
  • visiting other families with children also helps with speech
  • singing and doing arts and crafts are good for motor skills and coordination
  • surprisingly, taking walks outdoors had a negative effect on movement skills, probably because children spend long periods in buggies instead of using their bodies

Said co-author Professor Paul Anand of their findings, “We are delighted that one of first economic studies to look at the behavior of very young children comes out with positive messages about activity involvement with parents, and shows that different activities promote different skills.”

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