Kids in Cebu are reportedly being recruited into gangs

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The parents of 4 kids in Cebu have discovered that their children underwent an initiation and hazing so that they can join a local gang.

The parents of four elementary school students in Cebu rushed to file a case in their barangay after they discovered that their children were recruited into a local gang.

The 4 kids in Cebu were recruited by a 17-year-old

The kids, all students of Basak Elementary School, were discovered with cigarette burns and other wounds on their bodies.

One of the children admitted that they were recruited into a local gang and were hazed in order to become a full member.

According to the 11-year-old, eight other children were hit by paddles and burned with cigarette marks as a part of the recruitment process.

The gang's alleged leader is a 17-year-old, and an out-of-school youth. He reportedly befriended the children and invited them to join his gang.

He also warned the kids not to tell their parents about it.

Parents are urged to keep their kids safe

Police are now urging parents to keep an eye on their kids to keep them safe from the gang. Parents are also urged to know what activities their children are involved in.

The local barangay is now planning to enforce a curfew, and local police will be placed outside the elementary school.


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