How do kids who lost their mom celebrate Mother’s Day?

Losing a mother is hard enough, but celebrating Mother's Day without a mother can feel very devastating.

For kids whose moms have passed away, Mother's Day is a bittersweet memory. On one hand, it's a time to celebrate their mother's life, but on the other hand, it makes them miss their mother even more.

Celebrate her memory

So, what's the best way to celebrate mother's day for those whose mother has passed away? One of the things to do would be to celebrate her memory.

You can do this by visiting the places that she always used to go to, or inviting her friends and family members to celebrate and share stories and experiences that they've had with your mother.

Talk about how she was when she was young, and remember how she lived.

Write her a letter, and share your thoughts

To help cope with her loss, you can also write a letter addressed to your mother. Tell her all of the things that you weren't able to tell her when she was still alive. You can also give her an update on how your life is going, if you've had any problems, and that you miss her dearly.

You can then either burn the letter, throw it away, or keep it inside a box, so you can read it every time you start to miss your mom. Writing the letter is a cathartic experience, and it helps you deal with any pent up feelings and emotions that you might have.

Keep yourself happy

Of course, it's difficult to be happy if you're still in the grieving process. However, do you think that your mom would be fine with seeing you sad? I don't think so.

So for your mom's memory, do your best to keep yourself happy. It won't be an immediate process, but slowly coming to grips with the fact that your mother's in a better place does help you move on from your loss.

Try and enjoy Mother's Day, celebrate how your mom lived, the things that you learned from her as well as the memories that you've shared. That's really the meaning of mother's day; it's all about remembering just how amazing our mothers are.


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